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  • Greg Phillinganes: Pop Music's Most Revered Session and Touring Keyboardist on a Life Reflected in Music
    Posted by Jon Regen on at

    “IF YOU HAVE TO DO THE SAME THING NIGHT AFTER NIGHT, THIS IS THE THING TO DO,” legendary keyboardist Greg Phillinganes says of Cirque du Soleil’s massive new Michael Jackson:The Immortal tour, for which he’s musical director. “The music here has parameters, but there’s freedom inside of those ... […]

  • The Subtle Art of Rhythm Piano
    Posted by Matt Rollings on at

    Over the years, I’ve had the opportunity to play piano in many different styles. Whether I’m playing pop, rock, or country, the piano’s role in all of these genres is almost always to play rhythm. The most important principles of rhythm piano are listening and responding to the rest of the ... […]

  • UVI Announces Augmented Piano
    Posted by Keyboard Magazine on at

    Paris, March 15th, 2018 - UVI releases Augmented Piano, a one-of-a-kind piano workshop including 24 configurations recorded on a 1909 Pleyel Grand Piano. Full 88-key preparations cover the gamut from brushed, finger-plucked and muted preparations to haunting eBow resonances and brilliant metallic ... […]

  • THURSDAY TRACK PICK - "You’re Driving Me Crazy" by Van Morrison and Joey DeFrancesco
    Posted by Keyboard Magazine on at

    Our THURSDAY TRACK PICK this week is the title track from You’re Driving Me Crazy, the upcoming studio collaboration between legendary singer/songwriter Van Morrison and organist Joey DeFrancesco, due out April 27, 2018. The album features interpretations of jazz and blues standards, as ... […]

  • Celestion Announces New “Pick & Mix” Option for their Acclaimed Impulse Response Library
    Posted by MSMediaPR on at

    Ipswich, UK (March 13, 2018) — Celestion is very pleased to announce a new way for customers to acquire and build upon their library of Impulse Responses, the company’s authentic digitally downloadable speaker tones, The Pick & Mix option, which is available in combinations of either 3 or 5 ... […]

  • Muzaic Launches Crowdfunding Campaign To Save Local Music Industry
    Posted by Keyboard Magazine on at

    FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE - (Irvine, CA) Live music venues are closing their doors or moving away from live music performers at a record pace. With every venue change from live musicians to DJ's or karaoke, the odds of having great music tomorrow being born today is slowly diminishing. For the ... […]

  • Vibes: Affordable, Reusable Earplugs Designed for Musicians
    Posted by Keyboard Magazine on at

    Hearing damage is almost an inevitable part of being a musician. From practicing, to playing gigs, to attending shows, experiencing an ear-ringing sensation (which is actually a sign of irreversible hearing damage) is something that's all too familiar for most musicians. Because the two standard ... […]

  • Propellerhead Releases Rigs 3 for Reason
    Posted by Keyboard Magazine on at

    Stockholm, Sweden, March 14, 2018 – Propellerhead Software today released the Rigs 3 series, an update to its best-selling Rig Series Rack Extension and ReFill bundles for Reason 10. Rigs 3 series bundles are designed specifically to fit any style of music you make, and now you can save over 75% ... […]

  • Toontrack Releases Seventies Pop EZkeys MIDI Pack
    Posted by Keyboard Magazine on at

    Umeå, Sweden, March 13, 2018 - Toontrack announces the release of the Seventies Pop EZkeys MIDI pack. This marks the thirty-sixth title in Toontrack’s widely popular collection of MIDI content for the company’s piano and keyboard software EZkeys. Even though disco may have been the ... […]

  • Applied Acoustics Systems Releases Latin Vibes Sound Pack
    Posted by Keyboard Magazine on at

    Montreal, Quebec—March 13, 2018—Applied Acoustics Systems releases the Latin Vibes sound pack for the Strum GS-2 and AAS Player plug-ins in collaboration with sound designer Christian Laffitte. Latin Vibes is the second of a new and growing line of sound packs for Strum GS-2. Latin Vibes explores ... […]